What has alluded me in OSX.9: Decide which spaces to use with particular apps

Decide which spaces to use with particular apps

The problem I have: I use to lock apps to a desktop all the time with Lion and Mountain Lion but it was enabled/disabled within system preferences and handled very differently. Once I made the switch to Mavericks - a number of my apps are still “stuck” in certain desktops and I couldn’t for the life of me guess how to fix it. This happens because I use multiple screens - a hugely worthwhile feature on a laptop screen.  Inc ace anyone else struggles with this hidden little feature - here’s how to work with Apps and Spaces in OS X Mavericks:

If you work in multiple spaces, you can assign apps to particular spaces.

  1. Press and hold an app’s icon in the Dock. You may have to first open the app from Launchpad to see its icon in the Dock.
  2. From the shortcut menu that appears over the icon, choose one of these:
    • To have the app open only in the current space, choose Options > This Desktop. From now on, the app will open in the current space; if you are working in a different space, the app’s space scrolls into view.

      This setting doesn’t apply to full-screen windows, which always appear in their own separate spaces.

    • To have the app open in every space, choose Options > All Desktops. From now on, when the app is open it will appear in every space.

    • To have the app open in the space you are currently using, choose Options > None.

In Mission Control preferences, you can specify that when you switch to an app, your desktop should scroll to a space with open windows for that app.

Nice and easy, just have to find it.

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For my friend @mikster - who is looking for a better OS X Calendar App.

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When Apple‘s Photostream Doesn’t work. Low Battery.

Anyone noticed that photostream on iOS does not upload when the battery is low? It’s true.

Seem to be noticing that after I plugged in the cable - 11% - all the photos I had taken on my iPhone 5 wouldn’t transfer to the iPad via photostream. After troubleshooting myself a bunch, I came up empty, but found the following online, which appears to be true:

According to this :

"…under the "I don’t see photos in My Photo Stream on my iOS device.", it says "Ensure that your iOS device has not fallen below 20% battery power. To preserve battery life, Photo Stream downloading and uploading are disabled when the battery reaches this threshold. Downloading and uploading will resume once you charge your device and the battery charge is greater than 20%."

Which would make sense I guess, you wouldn’t want your battery draining away because it was busy uploading photos. I hadn’t noticed before but it would make sense since uploading images takes a lot of power.